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Why GlamPalm? 08:13

Celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner outlines the benefits.

May 23, 3:58pm

Tracey Hughes Presents at Premiere Orlando

Watch her behind the scenes and in action.

June 23, 12:57pm 01:21

GenNext: TONI&GUY Part 2

See the epic finale of GenNext.

June 22, 2:02pm 14:12

GenNext: Menspire

Josh Mamonaca and Charlie Gray present innovative male trends.

June 22, 12:10pm 04:56

Hear from Sustainable Salons

How can you get involved?

June 21, 3:14pm 01:39

GenNext: Artists Independent

Watch their presentation of Chromataophores.

June 21, 12:42pm 05:35

GenNext: Zucci Hairdressing

Watch their Now I Am presentation.

June 20, 2:27pm 05:58

GenNext: TONI&GUY Part 1

See the first half of their Socialized showing at GenNext.

June 20, 1:41pm 05:45

GenNext: Hot Shots

Watch the Tres Eugene show.

June 20, 12:56pm 05:05

GenNext: Heading Out Academy

Watch the Disney Divas show.

June 20, 12:17pm 05:35

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