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Go Behind The Scenes At Hair Expo 02:51

See the highlights from Hair Expo and GenNext.

June 28, 12:54pm

The 3 Business Strategies You Need to Succeed

Lisa Conway of Zing Salon Coaches outlines the tricks of the trade.

April 24, 10:35am 05:38

ghd for Toni Maticevski

Jayne Wild created delicate floral pieces at MBFWA.

April 23, 5:51pm 01:47

Open Mic Night Brisbane

Wild Life took the show on the road for the first Brisbane event.

April 23, 5:40pm 02:32

The Minimalist

See Cloud Nine’s 2015 collection, published exclusively in INSTYLE March April, come to life.

April 23, 3:54pm 02:02

Rooi by Caterine Di Biase

A little insight behind the scenes of Rooi, plus a few frames that didn’t make […]

April 23, 3:53pm 01:23

GenNext: L’Oreal Professionnel i-D Artist Team

The 2013 team proved their burgeoning success with a strong show entitled Valentino Warrior

April 23, 3:53pm 05:34

GenNext: Antoinette Beenders

Aveda International Guest Artist and Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders closed GenNext with The Greatest […]

April 23, 3:53pm 26:56

GenNext: The Art of Hair

The Art of Hair played with colour, texture and style to become the voice of […]

April 23, 3:53pm 05:47

GenNext: Stevie English Hair

Stevie English Hair borrowed from Eastern, Western and Ancient religious images to create the By […]

April 23, 3:53pm 05:37

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