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Go Behind The Scenes At Hair Expo 02:51

See the highlights from Hair Expo and GenNext.

June 28, 12:54pm

Kizkur Collection

This collection by Mikel Luzea acts an ode to the curl.

April 23, 3:51pm 02:08

De-Reconstruction by Robert Lobetta

Avant Garde images from the creative mind of Robert Lobetta.

April 23, 3:50pm 02:19

Martin Parsons at Intercoiffure Australian Congress

Martin Parsons enthrals the crowd with his innovative long hair styling.

April 23, 3:50pm 04:01


Emiliano Vitale demonstrates the unconventional use of hair wefts.

April 23, 3:50pm 00:36

Expert Education Seminars

Tracey Hughes discusses the 2015 AHC Expert Education agenda.

April 23, 3:50pm 01:47

Wefts On The Run How-To

Sharon Blain demonstrates this innovative kit, courtesy of Headline Hairpieces.

April 23, 3:50pm 09:23

Gorman X ELEVEN Australia

Behind the scenes of this dynamic collaboration.

April 23, 3:50pm 00:44

LVM Collection

Emiliano Vitale, Robert Lobetta and Lisa Muscat of e SALON flex their creative muscles.

April 23, 3:50pm 01:24

Aveda for Public School

Backstage at NYFW, Aveda channelled early 90s New York clubbing subculture.

April 23, 10:40am 00:15

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