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Ssshhh: Masterclass 03:43

Hair, art and performance in an intimate education event.

August 28, 10:14pm

Watch Shaun McGrath Make a Wig Out of Lipstick

His wig exhibition is showing at Broadway Shopping Centre as part of Sydney Fringe Festival.

September 1, 12:27pm 01:37

Danny Pato at the Masters of Hair Gala

Watch him create a clown-inspired masterpiece.

June 20, 3:09pm 09:01

GenNext: UK FAME Team

GenNext’s fashion-forward grand finale.

June 20, 1:40pm 05:29

GenNext: Guillaume Foundation

Artistic hair, fire twirlers and a focus on the natural.

June 20, 1:36pm 06:03

GenNext: Menspire

A show focused on men’s hair and philanthropy.

June 20, 1:31pm 05:35

The Wrap: Hot Shots Team

Set to a live strings soundtrack.

June 20, 1:26pm 05:28

GenNext: Team NZ

Dedicated to late musical icons.

June 20, 1:21pm 05:40

GenNext: Artists Independent

An artistic take on a night out meets the circus.

June 20, 1:17pm 05:31

GenNext: Sydney TAFE

Avant Garde and apocalyptic.

June 20, 1:13pm 06:23

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