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Go Behind The Scenes At Hair Expo 02:51

See the highlights from Hair Expo and GenNext.

June 28, 12:54pm

Behind the Scenes with X-Presion and Fudge Professional

Peak editorial hair with the new Ash Infusion shades.

June 8, 1:20pm 02:22

Watch: Juuce Re-Pack Campaign

On set with the new products.

June 1, 2:08pm 02:29

muk Launch Hybrid Cream Colour

On set.

April 13, 3:22pm 01:56

ghd Introduce Global Hair Days

See the start of the campaign.

April 7, 2:05pm 00:20

Christophe Robin Announce New Limited Edition Product

Welcome Cleansing Milk with Lemon.

April 4, 12:52pm 00:19

Become a Master With Excellent Edges

Journey to the stage.

March 30, 1:17pm 02:39

American Crew Presents: Mods VS Rockers

Style battle.

March 28, 12:43pm 00:38

Reveal Your Clients’ Unique System Professional ENERGYCODE

View what’s new for the brand.

March 23, 3:45pm 01:17

Hairdressing Perspective: Big Review TV

See what the stylists say about this video production service.

March 22, 11:24am 00:26

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