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Timely Salon & Spa Software X INSTYLE Industry Roundtable 02:47

Putting the focus on our community.

August 20, 11:47am

GenNext 2013: Pivot Point Academies

Bringing to life an undisputed classic tragedy, the student body of the Pivot Point Academy […]

April 1, 4:10pm 06:16

GenNext 2013: George Garcia

Redken International Guest Artist George Garcia explores different subcultures from Goth to Glam Rock.

April 1, 4:06pm 26:08

GenNext 2013: The Art of Hair

Sarah Jane Neale and The Art of Hair team present a quirky twist on Tim […]

April 1, 3:54pm 07:19

GenNext 2013: Sara Allsop

Young stylists from all across NZ came together to showcase cultural looks based on their […]

April 1, 3:50pm 05:49

GenNext 2013: Bec Sun

With macramé, braiding and stitching techniques, the show created a celebration of cultural acceptance.

April 1, 3:47pm 05:56

GenNext 2013: Tigi

High hair, knots, buns and teasing of epic proportions for the Digital TIGI show.

April 1, 3:43pm 07:17

GenNext 2013: Sloans Creative Team

Their bespoke salute to four of the fashion pantheon’s most infamous style icons.

April 1, 3:39pm 07:01

GenNext Project 2013

GenNext Project team had a once in a lifetime opportunity to feature their hair creations […]

April 1, 3:36pm 04:58

How-To: Beach Waves

Courtesy of the Marrakesh Cocktail.

October 21, 10:54am 01:46

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